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How Video Can Help Your Business

Companies can utilize video for brand improvement, improve conversion rate or SEO improvement. We are changing the perception that videos are only used for brand management. Videos should be used for increasing conversion rates and making money for your business.

A recent example of positive results from video use has been the Zappos.com study on placing simple product videos on their website. According to ReelSEO Zappos reported a “6% to 40% increase in sales for products with videos”. They use the video to describe, use and demonstrate the products with real Zappos employees and not models or actors. Take a look at the videos Zappos is creating. They are simple,and basically showing different ways to wear the shoe. Zappos was so impressed by the increase in sales that they added more in house studios to the company. Most companies can not afford to build studios within their company and staff them. Tommy Vance Productions is focused on helping small to medium business with their video needs.